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We model this by having a members network that operates monthly free breakfasts in various establishments / locations around the city & our lively and highly populated network members WhatsApp group.
SYG: Shape your Gen
. speak up squad : a  multi-agency youth voice group to co-design projects of the SOT youth collective & feed into / support the SOTCC new youth council.

PODS (place of development ) - our active ‘purpose-driven’ working groups populated by members  of the network giving voluntary time  to launch &  develop  the youth facing projects of the SOT youth collective .


We are currently working with BWAR towards a youth facing phone app co - designed by young people [inspired through SHAPE YOUR GEN youth voice feedback] to inform, support, resource & signpost young people, including a unique suicide prevention button and an employability section.


Our Project to demonstrate this is: THE LAB: Introduction to youth work & employability course, as part of the Preferred Futures programme, due to launch in January 2024 with SOT college (AIM: level 1 certificate in introduction to youth work with practical placements for 16-24’s initially) - then furthermore with Staffs university up to L5, demonstrating a clear progression pathway.
Multi agencies provide a wide range of employability placements / work experience & placements for young people both within & outside of education.


We are working together on a dynamic vision for the city & identifying investment as a collective to develop ‘ENDZ’ ST: - A largescale dynamic multi agency open access youth venue (s) co-designed by young people in High Schools over the last 2 years. The BIG vision is 6 - one in each of the 6 towns , so that every young person is only 15 minutes away from a quality open access youth provision delivering on education, engagement & entertainment.


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SOT Youth Collective is a VALUES LED citywide movement to:

  • Resource & support each other, adding value to local youthwork offers.

  • Provide exceptional, age-differentiated programmes & activities, that are truly ‘community-fed and community-led’ with youth voice at the core.

  • ‘Connect the dots’ on youth services & provision, provide a complete & holistic offering under one roof.

  • Value the knowledge, understanding, ‘lived experience’, and talent in our community, and giving all an equal voice.

  • Promote generous leadership and authentic partnerships across services & communities, fostering community cohesion & cross generational impact.

  • Deliver consistent & connected support in the daytime and evenings, weekdays, and weekends.

  • Regenerating & transforming local space(s), bringing life and economic prosperity to community ‘locations- The city centre being the first of a series of youth hubs across the 6 towns, providing legacy for the next generation.

  • Creating dynamic youth provision(s) of easily accessible engagement opportunities, that stand for innovation and excellence.

  • To have transparency regarding funding collaborations and consortiums.

SOT Youth Collective is an non-political movement with no other agenda than positive outcomes, specifically tackling young people’s related issues including, not limited to:

  • Safeguarding young people effectively; providing ‘spaces &  places’ of security, comfort and inspiration.

  • Creating a sense of belonging, with authentic youth ownership and voice; being transformational, offering new experiences & opportunities.

  • Offering effective ‘early help’ intervention, altering pathways to thrive, not just survive.

  • Educating, up-skilling and motivating, raising aspirations.

  • Giving direct access to those with ‘lived experience’ & positive role models.

  • Improving mental health by delivering ‘instant access to mental health support.

  • Bettering mental and physical wellbeing, creating sustainable, lasting change; empowering young people to drive social change themselves and pro-model positive futures to their peers.

  • Reducing discrimination towards young people & marginalisation amongst minority groups.

  • Curbing anti-social behaviour, gangs, crime and violence, by reducing boredom, giving purpose & creating opportunity for change.

  • Improving life chances & lifestyle choices by infusing value, raising aspirations & imparting resilience & tenacity.


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