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The SOT YOUTH COLLECTIVE was established in September 2021 by Dawnie Reynolds [Ruff & Ruby urban youth charity], assisted by Ben Gibson (Engage CIC & IN2HEALTH&WELLBEING)  who invited 12 friends, from around the city to meet together @ The Ruff & Ruby rooms in the Potteries centre. Together, they were envisioned about collaborating to create 'ENDZ' the first of 6, dynamic open-access youth provisions, modelling multi-agencies working together in one space.


ENDZ:ST- a largescale open access dynamic youth project derived from research conducted in local high schools over a period of 18 months with young People about their needs & wants in the city of SOT .

From this gathering an identified need for a dynamic purpose driven network emerged & coupled with a desire to see youth focused organisations such as charities, CIC’s, small businesses & volunteer groups of all sizes & shapes work together more effectively to impact a generation & shape a decade of young people – the SOTYC was established.

Today, as a thriving ‘movement for change’ with over 85+ city organisations as members, the collective provides a platform for third sector providers multi agencies, youth focused organisations and multi-agencies, endorsed by statutory agencies to deliver on PURPOSE-DRIVEN projects, promote good youth work practice, resource and support each other to coordinate delivery to maximise the offer for young people with a highly effective joined up approach across Stoke-On-Trent.


We are proud to represent the cities ethos ‘ UNITED STRENGTH IS STRONGER ‘ & we model a high quality level of multi-agency working demonstrating authentic partnership & generous leadership.


The collective can provide a ‘go to’ network of consultancy / advice for local bodies, supporting the voice of young people and front-line organisations.


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